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By strengthening the link between smart devices and people and business, Hive Box build a 24 hour self-service ecological network to facilitate various industries.

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Our strengths

Our strong strength is the guarantee to provide better service to our customers.

Independent development
Independent development
400+ R&D staff, 10+ hardware self-developed products to meet the needs of different business scenarios of enterprises.
Complete last mile solution
Complete last mile solution
Link enterprises, Couriers and consumers, build express industry SaaS service platform.
Perfect service system
Perfect service system
Professional team provides technical support for installation, training and after-sales.
Extensive industry experience
Extensive industry experience
Speak to experts who have extensive project experiences across 10 countries.

The advantages of our products

6 advantages of our product. Helping industries explore more possibilities

01Reduce investment costsYou only need to pay a monthly fee to quickly use all Hive Box applications, eliminating the cost of purchasing servers and hiring staff.
02Diverse commercial capabilities A variety of features such as Delivery, advertising and rental are available for commercial realisation.
03Powerful system compatibilitySupport for linking customer-owned devices.
04Data security Multiple cloud computing nodes are deployed globally to provide reliable and stable data services to enterprises and users.
05Full application terminalsPC terminal, mobile app, H5 page, etc is provided.
06Operational data analysis Providing a full range of statistical analysis capabilities for all aspects of counter business data to help grow your business.

Solutions for multiple industries

Whether you are a logistics company, a property developer or a start-up, we have the appropriate professional solutions designed to solve the last-mile delivery problem for your industry. Hive Box have an extensive eco-partnership system that can provide you with applications and pre and post-sales guidance to help your business flourish and grow.