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By strengthening the link between smart devices and people and business, Hive Box build a 24/7 hour self-service ecological network to facilitate various industries.

Our strengths

We are NOT locker manufacturer, we do MORE than that.

Efficient & Economicdown arrow

Efficient & Economic

400+ R&D staffs, supporting the experienced international project management team

Flexible last mile solutionsdown arrow

Flexible last mile solutions

Parcel, luggage, documents, spare parts, food & drink...all can be configured into various type of lockers

Extensively connected with partnersdown arrow

Extensively connected with partners

Carriers companies, National Post Offices, E-commerce ... in China and overseas

The advantages of our products

Helping industries explore more possibilities

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With Hive Box FlexiTM (SaaS) you can register as carrier company or consumer with our APP to PUDO (Pick-Up and Drop-Off). By using smartphones/PC, you can visit the locker and system without further configurations

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Module design enables flexible combination of locker layouts, height-adjustable legs fit Non-flat ground. Water/snow proof stand the test in Nordic area for years

Data Safedown arrow

Data Safe

All data belong to you in your IT center or Cloud in your country, even when you use Hive Box FlexiTM, we deploy data in Singapore/Hong Kong for your safe access

Solutions for multiple industries

Whoever want's to play lastmile delivery, we can help you to light up the spots with various of technical solutions. Hive Box's eco-partnership system provides multiple hardware/terminals on Hive Box Flexi to meet those industries: