Hive Box API is a powerful shipping, dispatching, access and other capabilities through the interface to provide interface services for self-built system developers while also supporting access to merchant users using third-party software, including after-sales service guarantee and full technical support.

By accessing the Hive Box open platform, partners can get more user access and revenue, while the services provided by partners also give users a richer experience.

Platform Empowerment

Through the flexible cooperation model with merchants and consumers, we can improve the service efficiency and revenue of merchants, reduce operating costs, and make consumers' experience more convenient, pleasant and perfect.

Whether you are a third-party developer, system vendor, or merchant, you can find the right role and direction for yourself based on Hive Box eco- platform.

About dispatch

About dispatch

This function can improve the dispatching efficiency and dispatching order volume of third-party merchant dispatchers. When there is express delivery to the user, after obtaining the user's consent, it can be directly dispatched into the parcel locker, and at the same time send the pickup code to notify the user to pick up the parcel from the locker. The dispatcher's dispatching efficiency is improved.

Open mailing capability

About sending parcel

By using the sending parcel service of Hive Box open platform, third-party merchants can provide better shipping/return experience to their clints. When merchants have shipping/return orders, they can place orders to the smart cabinet by calling the API interface to complete the orders quickly and efficiently.

About storage and collection

About storage and collection

Using the access service capabilities of the Hive Box open platform, third-party merchants (such as laundry and book rental) can connect their consumers and shipping capacity through parcel lockers all over the place, improving the service capabilities and service efficiency of the merchants; it also improves the consumer experience.